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The Linguistic School and the British Lyceum invite you to take part in supplementary sessions of the special courses: "World Economy and Politics" and "Russian Economy" in Russian. These classes will help you navigate through the flow of information about the most relevant issues of the modern world development, form your own opinion about many of them and ultimately obtain skills acheter cialis sans ordonnance and knowledge required for further study and research.

Class time and location:

Grade 11: 9/23 bldg. 3, 2nd Baumanskaya str., room 312A, 03:10 - 03:50 p.m., Tue, Thu, Fri.

Grades 10 and 9: 14 bldg. 3 V.Krasnoselskaya str., Sat (10:30 for Grade 10, 12:30 for Grade 9).

The British Lyceum pupils are welcome to join us!

Taught by: Mr. Peter, Geography and Thinking Skills.




The School’s English Club is a forum for pupil to have conversation practice in an informal setting. English Club meetings are a fun way to improve speaking and listening skills. The themes have been chosen for their relevancy to everyday life, the requirements of speaking exams and to boost vocabulary stock effortlessly.

We meet every Thursday at 16.30 at Krasnoselskaya campus in the Assembly Hall on the 2nd floor. The Club is open to everybody!

Learn more at the personal meeting with the director

Новости лицея

It was a magnificent performance by the students of Years 7-9 of the British Lyceum. They presented a play “The Wizard of Oz”.
Today our school held a School Fair to round up the first academic year for Year 1pupils.
Today our school and its guests enjoyed a very inspirational performance of BL theatre company, which presented its "Shakespeare Shorts".

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