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In our Lyceum there is a special place where any student can express their point of view on a particular issue - Speakers' Corner. Yes, just like in the famous Hyde Park in London, you can express your opinion and talk about pressing issues in the cozy British Lyceum environment, of course, in English.

Speakers' Corner is a historic place that traditionally allowed any speaker the freedom of public address. Speakers' Corner today is a symbol of freedom of assembly and struggle for rights. It is located in the north-eastern part of the Park. The history of this unusual attraction has dark roots: previously, according to tradition, there were convicts who could not be shy in expression of their views and could present a brief last word before their soul passed into the next world. In addition, the appearance of the Speakers ' Corner was preceded by other important events instigating its creation.

For example, representatives of the Reform League campaigned here for the need for universal suffrage, workers held rallies for the abolition of the law of 1855, which forbade trade on Sundays (their only day off). Sometimes religious and even philosophical questions were raised. Such famous speakers and politicians as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and George Orwell did not ignore this place.  Traditionally, to start a performance, you need to stand on some elevation — a box, a chair or a bench — as it is forbidden to swear, standing on British soil.

Since performances at British Lyceum are much more peaceful and are aimed, rather, at the development of public speaking skills, our pupils can make their speech without having to leave the soft carpet. We organize Speakers' Corner every Thursday before lunch. As a rule, pupils get ready for their presentations in advance, so you can see planned topics in the attached document.

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